ElringKlinger AG

Social Commitment

ElringKlinger considers itself an active member of society. Therefore, it is of immense importance to us that we make a positive contribution to the various regions and communities in which we do business. As part of our community commitment, we focus in particular on supporting socially active organizations. At the same time, however, we also promote investments in science and education.

One of the indirect channels through which ElringKlinger meets its social commitments is the Paul Lechler Foundation. The foundation is sponsored by the Lechler families, who are also major shareholders in ElringKlinger AG. Every year, part of the company’s profits are distributed to the Paul Lechler Foundation, which in turn helps to provide apprenticeships for young people with disabilities and to integrate them into work. The Paul Lechler Prize is awarded each year to the organizers of innovative projects and schemes that aim to integrate those in need of help into society.

ElringKlinger has been working with the BruderhausDiakonie foundation and the associated disabled persons’ workshops in Dettingen/Erms for a number of years now. They now carry out a range of tasks such as the customization or packaging of spare part sealing kits and other ElringKlinger products.

We place great importance on providing support for charitable organizations through such partnerships as a way of meeting our wider social obligations.

Current projects

Donations for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria

The earthquake in southeastern Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023, caused great consternation within the ElringKlinger Group and particularly at the company's Turkish site in Bursa. Since then, employees at this site have been supporting local aid organizations with donations in kind. In addition, they also support local facilities at the collection points for donations in kind. Yavuz Günaydin, General Manager of the Turkish site, underlines "Low temperatures, destroyed housing and collapsed infrastructures - over 13.5 million people have been affected, many have lost their belongings and are in urgent need of relief supplies. That's why we are standing together and supporting existing aid organizations. In addition, we are also helping people who are now fleeing the affected regions and seeking safe shelter in other cities, including Bursa."

Kochwerk is pilot company of the organic model region of Baden-Württemberg

Kochwerk Catering GmbH, a subsidiary of ElringKlinger AG, is one of 20 participating pilot businesses in the "Organic Model Region Swabian Alb Biosphere Area". The aim of the initiative is to raise awareness of the value of organically produced food in the region. From now on, Kochwerk will rely increasingly on organic foods in the preparation of the approximately 980 meals per day and intends to continuously increase their share. ElringKlinger is supported in the procurement of organic regional food by the regional management of the organic model region. It is part of the 'Bio aus Baden-Württemberg' action plan, with which the state is creating the framework conditions to raise organic farming in Baden-Württemberg to between 30 and 40 percent of organically farmed land by 2030.

Baden-Württemberg Minister of Food, Rural Areas and Consumer Protection Peter Hauk, District President Klaus Tappeser, District Administrator Dr. Ulrich Fiedler and the Mayor of Dettingen Michael Hillert were briefed on the interim results of the "Expansion of organic regional out-of-home catering" project at ElringKlinger's company restaurant in Dettingen/Erms in February 2023.