ElringKlinger AG

Rating and rankings

Shares in ElringKlinger – a sustainable investment choice

ElringKlinger is gaining increasing recognition – also within the capital markets – for its commitment to sustainability in relation to its workforce, the environment and society. More and more, investors are showing that they value the responsible conduct of companies whose business activities are centered on principles of sustainability. That is why a shareholding in ElringKlinger is regarded by such investors as particularly attractive.

The ratings and rankings shown below are just a selection of those in which ElringKlinger has been listed or assessed on the basis of social and environmental criteria. 

Carbon Disclosure Project

ElringKlinger has had a Carbon Disclosure Project rating as one of the very few automobile industry suppliers in 2007. In 2020, it was awarded a rating of D.

The annual ratings are produced using detailed survey data by the NGO Carbon Disclosure Project (CPD) on behalf of institutional investors. The focus of the rating is on the efforts made by companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and on their strategic response to climate change. 

Bertelsmann Foundation Corporate Responsibility Index (CRI)

ElringKlinger submitted data to the Bertelsmann Foundation survey for the first time in 2015.

The Corporate Responsibility Index analyzes the core drivers of corporate responsibility. To this end, the Foundation conducts an online survey of German companies every two years with a view to identifying the most effective measures that companies can take in the field of CR management.

DAXglobal® Sarasin Sustainability Germany Index

ElringKlinger’s stock is listed in the DAXglobal® Sarasin Sustainability Germany Index. 

This index is based on the free float and market capitalization of Germany’s 100 biggest and most liquid companies. Sarasin conducts a sustainability assessment for each member of the index based on its Sarasin Sustainability Matrix.

ElringKlinger awarded DZ BANK Sustainability Mark

ElringKlinger was awarded DZ Bank’s sustainability mark in 2012.

The sustainability ratings produced by DZ BANK Research allow users to make investment decisions based on a combined assessment of potential returns and sustainability criteria. DZ BANK Research’s sustainability mark is awarded to companies classed as sustainable.  


ElringKlinger has received regular ratings from EIRIS since 2009.

EIRIS is one of the world’s leading and independent providers of corporate ESG data. It produces regular assessments of the data it compiles from all over the world and makes them available to numerous investors in the form of large databases. 

Oekom Research

In 2014, ElringKlinger was assessed by Oekom Research, a German provider of sustainability ratings. At C+, it ranked well above the average grade for companies in the Automotive industry.

Oekom Research AG is a rating agency in the sustainable investment segment. It assesses companies on the basis of numerous environmental and social criteria covering employees, suppliers, social and product responsibility, corporate governance, product sustainability, environmental management and environmental efficiency.


Sustainalytics is an independent rating agency that focuses on sustainability. It has produced ratings for ElringKlinger since 2011. In 2014, ElringKlinger ranked fifth out of 64 in the “Automotive Components” segment.

Sustainalytics specializes in producing analyses and assessments of the efforts made by companies in the field of sustainability, particularly with regard to environmental and social issues and corporate governance.