ElringKlinger AG

Vision and Mission

Our vision

  • To be the world‘s most successful independent supplier with a focus on the automobile industry.
  • To act as a development partner, finding creative solutions for our customers in order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • To act as a local supplier for our customers all over the world.
  • To generate continuous growth through technological leadership, proactive development of our markets and the creation of new business segments.
  • To achieve an outstanding return on capital through the best possible use of resources.
  • To promote motivated and loyal employees who are willing to take on responsibility and by doing so help to achieve our goals.

Our mission

Loyalty and responsibility

  • I take responsibility for the quality of my work and my conduct.
  • I take decisions and accept the consequences.


  • I set myself ambitious and clear targets.
  • I do all I can to fulfill my obligations once they have been agreed.


  • I take an active role in the process of change in the company.
  • I use positive criticism and mistakes as an opportunity.


  • I treat my colleagues and managers with respect and fairness and support them in their work.
  • I give and request feedback on results and conduct.

Cost leadership

  • I show an awareness of cost in all my actions and aim to set a good example.
  • I endeavor to identify and make potential savings as a regular part of my work.

Quality leadership

  • I convey an awareness of the importance of quality in my contacts with other staff.
  • I see quality as a concept that pervades the entire organization.
  • I strive to meet quality criteria and produce sustainable, environmentally compatible solutions. 

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