ElringKlinger AG

Safety at Work Policy

By establishing and maintaining a safe, health- and performance-oriented working environment, as well as a comprehensive health and safety management system, we ensure the continuity and success of our company. We take our responsibilities towards employees, society and future generations very seriously. We are committed to continuous improvement and to minimizing the health and safety risks that our employees may face. The Management Board and our employees are committed to this safety at work policy.

Effective health and safety management

We develop preventative concepts and implement these collectively at our facilities. Employees in managerial and supervisory positions are commit- ted to continually improving health and safety performance, and have access to the required resources and personnel. We are committed to complying with the requirements established by national legislation. We regularly check the extent to which any measures have been imple- mented throughout the company, and monitor the effectiveness of our management system.

Reliable actions

We commit ourselves to comply with all laws and specifications concerning occupational safety, as well as those relating to the management of hazardous substances. We act responsibly in accordance with our own regulations, which often reach beyond those stipulated by law. We con- figure, purchase, operate and maintain plants and machinery in a manner that minimizes potential hazards, risks and operational disturbances. We use the latest, state-of-the-art technology and systems.

Safe, employee-friendly workplaces

We firmly believe that all occupational accidents and illnesses are essentially preventable. Our motivated managers and employees play an important part in helping us to maintain a zero- accident culture. Visitors and employees from external companies are offered the same level of protection as our own employees. No instruc- tions are issued that could jeopardize safety. When designing workplaces and procedures, we take into account the latest best practice, a well as placing high importance on ergonomic design.

Responsible employees

By regularly providing information, instruction and training, we foster the necessary knowledge and expertise required by our employees to work safely in all areas of the company.

Preventative measures

We take comprehensive, preventative measures to protect our employees against health hazards. Comprehensive and effective emergency provisions are in place on all sites in case of injury to any of our employees or visitors.

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