ElringKlinger AG

Quality and Environmental Policy

Strategic market focus, best-in-class quality, a proactive approach to safeguarding the environment, resource-efficient energy policies, occupational safety, and compliance with ethical principles underlie everything we do at ElringKlinger. As a company, we are fully committed to our customers and to the goal of satisfying their requirements. We believe this is the only way to remain successful over the long term.

The Management Board provides the necessary information and resources, promotes a risk-aware mentality in the context of the risk management system, and ensures that we achieve our intended results. It is also accountable for maintaining and improving the management system. All internal and external factors relevant to the company's structure are also taken into account. Accordingly, the following principles are central to ElringKlinger's corporate policies:

  • The entire company is geared towards the development, production, and marketing of best-in-class products and services. The benchmark we apply to our everyday work is that of meeting our customers requirements. In this context, our goal is to leave our customers not only satisfied but thoroughly delighted.
  • The continued success of our company depends crucially on maintaining a qualified workforce that identifies with and embraces the company's policies. All our employees are personally committed to upholding our quality and environmental standards and are responsible for the decisions they make in this regard. We place great importance on acquiring and retaining knowledge and skills.
  • All our suppliers are expected to comply with the corresponding regulations.
  • In all our business processes, we make every effort to avoid possible errors. Our goal and the role of our management teams is to achieve zero-defect quality.
  • By using the best available technology, with due regard for costefficiency, we ensure that our processes are effective and safe, and that they have a minimal impact on the environment.
  • We help to protect the environment by using resources carefully and employing low-emission and low-waste production processes. This includes energy efficient processes and reduction of GHG emissions as well as the management of air quality. Responsible water consumption and management of water quality combined with responsible management of chemicals is hereby one of our standards.
  • Achieving top quality also means complying with tough environmental standards. We treat the standards imposed by law and the various official bodies as minimum requirements.
  • We regularly update and improve our processes in order to optimize quality, customer service, costs, technology, environmental protection, and occupational safety. We do this through a system of global benchmarking, lessons learned, and management reviews.
  • We identify specific risks for each area of the company, and evaluate them at regular intervals. Where required, we take appropriate remedial action. The effectiveness of these measures must also be demonstrated.