ElringKlinger AG

Energy Policy

Only if we know exactly what our energy consumption is will we be in a position to be able to make effective savings on the basis of targeted analysis and make the right investments for the future. This is precisely the point where our active energy management comes into play. Our energy management should guarantee with foresight and on a systematic basis, the procurement, change and use of the energy required at ElringKlinger to cover the demands and requirements while also taking into account ecological and economic objectives.

  • We use our energy management system also for the consideration of sustainability of energetic efficiency measures and the investments effected in this connection.
  • Management is committed to the continuous increase of energy efficiency and to the observance of all legal requirements with regard to energy aspects. For this purpose, energy savings objectives are established, strategies are defined and means are provided.
  • We aim to continously reduce the energy consumption and related energy costs in our company, the related improvement of energy performance, in particular by introducing standards, and the reduction of electricity procurement costs by making use of compensation regulations contained in the energy legislation.
  • We are economic in our use of energy and raw materials and feel an obligation to actively develop our energy efficiency on an on-going basis in order to steadily improve our energy performance and thus reduce environmental impacts. Also in our product development, we place special emphasis on environmentally efficient and energy-efficient products and consider – as far as possible – the application of energy efficiency in our designs.
  • We ensure sufficient energy for our production processes and, in addition, aim for a steady reduction in our energy requirements and costs.
  • Also when it comes to the construction of new buildings and building renovation, we pay very particular attention to improvements in energy consumption and the corresponding increase in the value of the company itself and its corporate image.
  • We integrate our employees, we instruct them on energy-saving practices and encourage them to put forward their own ideas and reward them for doing so.
  • We prevent accidents, limit damages and coordinate concepts with authorities, if necessary. Remarkable reductions in energy consumptions are recognized quickly and supervised centrally. We thus demonstrate to our customers, target markets and our staff that we are aware and accept our responsibility towards the environment.

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