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State of the art shielding systems.

The areas of a vehicle that develop high temperatures call for an effective thermal shielding solution. In addition, noise protection standards are becoming more and more demanding.

In its capacity as technology leader and major supplier of shielding parts, ElringKlinger always has the right solution to meet any challenge within these areas. We develop sophisticated shielding solutions designed to help bring vehicles in line with increasingly stringent legal requirements worldwide.

ElroTherm™ shielding systems. Thermal and acoustic management for the entire vehicle.

The management of temperatures in modern vehicles is becoming increasingly complex. Tightly packed components, engine encapsulation, minimal cooling air flows, catalytic converter technology and exhaust gas turbochargers result in high temperatures in the engine compartment, across the exhaust system and within the area of the underbody. At the same time, there are a growing number of temperature-sensitive components that have to be protected from heat. The demands on shielding technology have been increasing along with the number of applications. Thermal and acoustic shielding systems help engine and exhaust systems to function safely and reliably. In the process, they also contribute to enhanced driving comfort and environmental protection.

Nine ElroTherm™ systems. Always a matching solution.

The ElroTherm™ product range now includes nine system variants in different material combinations. These form the basis for custom-engineered shielding solutions for the entire vehicle. The model used will depend on the specific requirements for heat and noise protection and on the design, while materials and shape are always optimally tailored to the respective application location.

  Temperature shielding Noise reduction Weight reduction Durability Recyclability Cost efficiency
ElroTherm™ Light 1100 +++ ++ +++ +++ ++ +
ElroTherm™ Light 600 + ++ +++ +++ +++ +++
ElroTherm™ D +++ +++ ++ + + +
ElroTherm™ PF +++ ++ + + ++ +
ElroTherm™ Acoustic 1100 +++ +++ + +++ + +
ElroTherm™ Acoustic 600 ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++
ElroTherm™ ML +++ ++ ++ + ++ ++
ElroTherm™ SL + + + ++ +++ +++
ElroTherm™ Flex + ++ ++ ++ + +
+++ very good  ++ good  + adequate

Competence for the whole system

The shielding part achieves good thermal insulation by reflecting as much heat as possible and letting through as little heat as possible. Within this context, the choice and application
of suitable materials are of major importance. However, even more crucial with regard to the insulating effect are the thermal dynamics of the entire system, as the air flows of heat
source and shielding parts have a mutual impact. It is important to understand this interaction and incorporate it into the design.

Our development engineers simulate the air flows of all components at every stage in the development of the shielding system. Using Ansys simulation software, they can investigate
the air flow in detail, simulate the temperatures to which the individual parts are likely to be exposed and thus tailor and design the shielding parts to match the specific circumstances.

We produce ElroTherm™ shielding systems in state-of-the-art assembly cells and manufacturing centers – fast, cost-efficiently and in premium quality. Fully automated press lines and twenty robotassisted processes facilitate particularly efficient manufacturing in small and large volumes, with camera systems performing online quality checks during production.

We have ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified production facilities at numerous locations around the globe, allowing us to cater for customer requirements directly at local level. The advantages: clear chains of responsibility, speed, flexibility, top quality and all-round service. Worldwide.

ElroCoustic™ shielding systems. Sound solutions Lighter, quieter, better performance.


The requirements made of modern motor vehicles are becoming more and more demanding. Long gone are the days when all that mattered were emissions, fuel consumption and preservation of resources. Today, regulations governing traffic and ride noise, for instance, are equally stringent. In fact, EU committees are currently discussing significant reductions in noise thresholds for new cars – to become mandatory as of 2019.

The challenge for manufacturers and suppliers lies not only in reducing noise around the vehicle but also in the interior. The focus is on space-saving, lightweight and multifunctional shielding systems that can be seamlessly integrated into the vehicle design. The ElroCoustic™ systems developed by ElringKlinger are the perfect solution for all applications where the priority is noise reduction. The emphasis is on minimizing vibration noise from large components and suppressing intrinsic noise.

Comfort you can('t) hear. ElroCoustic™ systems for noise and vibration damping.

ElringKlinger has many years of R&D experience in the field of high-performance shielding systems for noise reduction. Meeting the steady increase in demand for effective noise reduction, these solutions are now making an active contribution towards improved environmental protection and ride comfort. ElroCoustic™ systems are the product of choice wherever noise reduction is the priority. Underbody protection and engine bay encapsulation are preferred areas of application, as are all kinds of covers, e.g. for the trunk or wheel housings.

ElroCoustic™ systems introduce plastic components to replace parts previously made of metal or those that were already plastic but did not incorporate acoustic properties. The key benefi t of these designs is that the components are extremely light, have excellent molding properties and can be produced with a wide range of surface fi nishes. Other advantages: fewer (add-on) components are required, and both noise emissions and air resistance are scaled back markedly without compromising on functionality or durability. The covers are capable of withstanding even the toughest conditions such as stone impacts.

Development cycles are getting shorter and shorter, while the challenges are greater than ever before. Nowadays, increasingly complex scenarios call for an all-embracing approach. This is why ElringKlinger places particular emphasis on short lines of communication and integrated processes. Within this context, our focus is on pooling our company’s decades of experience at a center of excellence for thermal and acoustic shielding technology.

Cutting-edge development tools allow us to create integrated system solutions precisely matched to a specific set of requirements from a technical, economic and ecological viewpoint.

From design to testing, and from prototype to production launch, our specialists are committed to developing new technologies and innovative product solutions for future generations of vehicle – in close consultation with our customers around the globe. By collaborating with the central R&D services of the ElringKlinger Group, we are able to create synergy and benefit from a wealth of technological expertise and interdisciplinary know-how.