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Solutions for various industries.
We can also do non-automotive.

ElringKlinger product solutions are also in demand outside the automotive sector, for example in rail transport, aviation, energy supply, chemical and apparatus engineering, and medical technology.

ElringKlinger’s PEMFC stack modules are designed with additional system functionalities and combine top performance with a highly robust structure. They can, in addition to passenger cars and trucks, also be used in trains and other scenarios, e.g., to power the drive as a permanent charger for the traction battery.

Products with potential

We continue to develop in the areas around our core competences. Gaskets, shielding systems, lightweight components, battery and fuel cell technology, and drive train components – the areas of application of our components and systems are numerous and include rail traffic, aerospace, marine applications, logistics, energy supply, domestic appliances, mobile homes, and construction, municipal and agricultural vehicles.

Added to this are components made from high-performance plastics produced by our subsidiary ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics such as those for medical technology, chemical and apparatus engineering, and food technology. With its ThermoGenius™ Water, ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics also offers a highly efficient, environmentally friendly water heat exchanger for supplying energy to houseboats or buildings near water. 

ElringKlinger’s Thale plant specializes in metalworking and manufactures brackets, housing parts, and reactors, among other things, for both small- and large-batch production.

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