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We are dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions and new technologies for current and future generations of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. As an expert development partner and approved OEM supplier, we take an all-embracing approach and focus on the vehicle system as a whole. Our particular strength is that we are one of the few automotive suppliers capable of developing and manufacturing technologically sophisticated components for all types of drive system – based on either electric solutions or combustion engines. Customized components from ElringKlinger for engine, transmission, exhaust gas system, underbody, chassis, and body are used by virtually all vehicle and engine manufacturers and countless automotive suppliers worldwide.


Our product range includes lightweight components, battery and fuel cell technology, electric drive units, drive components, gaskets, shielding systems, stamped and formed metal components as well as associated assemblies, transmission control plates, parts made of high-performance plastics, tooling technology, and development services. Building on our innovative products, we set industry benchmarks and help to achieve environmentally compatible mobility. We also supply an extensive range of spare parts to the aftermarket sector in more than 140 countries.


In addition, ElringKlinger components and systems are also successfully used outside the traditional automotive sector. Our innovative strength, efficiency, and quality are in demand in many industries.

Product portfolio

Electromobility: from vision to reality

Fuel cells. Battery technology. Electric drive units.
E-mobility components.

Lightweight technologies: intelligent solutions

Multifunctional. Durable. Efficient.

Sealing systems for all drive types

Tailored. Innovative. Highly effective.

Shielding systems for any application point

Temperature. Acoustics. Aerodynamics. EMC.

Engine technology

The fast and efficient route to series production.

Solutions for various industries

We can also do non-automotive.

Dates & Events

Saturday, 3. June 2023
WINT Expo (Wagen)
Belgrade, Serbia
Saturday, 3. June 2023
Mega Auto Parts Expo
Skopje, North Macedonia



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