ElringKlinger AG

Share Basic Data

Key Figures for the ElringKlinger Share

  2018 2017
Earnings per share IFRS (after non-controlling interests, in EUR) 0.69 1.10
Shareholders‘ equity per share (in EUR)1 13.46 13.45
High (in EUR)2 19.37 20.14
Low (in EUR)2 6.76 13.59
Closing price (in EUR)1,2 6.80 18.68
Price-earnings ratio1 9.86 16.98
Dividend per share (in EUR) 0.00 0.50
Average daily trading volume (German stock exchanges; no. of shares traded) 152,800 209,600
Average daily trading value (German stock exchanges; in EUR) 1,894,700 3,436,400
Market capitalization (EUR millions)1,2 430.8 1,183.6
As of December 31
Xetra trading

Stock Market Data for the ElringKlinger Share

International Security Identification Number DE0007856023
German Securities Identification Code 785602
Stock exchange symbol ZIL2
Bloomberg ticker symbol ZIL2 GY
Reuters ticker symbol ZILGn.DE
Capital stock EUR 63,359,990
Numbers of shares outstanding 63,359,990
Stock exchanges Xetra and all German stock exchanges
Market segment Regulated Market
Transparency level Prime Standard