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ElringKlinger: 'Shielding Technology' business unit to be renamed 'Metal Forming & Assembly Technology'

  • New name reflects evolution of the business unit into a supplier of stamped and formed metal components and assemblies in the field of e-mobility
  • Extensive product range for new types of drive system
  • Demand in 2022 already centered predominantly on products for all-electric vehicles

Dettingen/Erms (Germany), January 3, 2023 +++ ElringKlinger AG has renamed its "Shielding Technology" business unit "Metal Forming & Assembly Technology." The new name reflects the broad positioning of the business unit, whose portfolio encompasses not only shielding products for combustion engines but increasingly also stamped and formed metal components as well as assemblies targeted at the e-mobility sector. In 2022, demand was already centered mainly on products beyond the market associated with combustion engines.

Asked to comment, Reiner Drews, COO of ElringKlinger AG, said, "The new name is a reflection of the route that ElringKlinger is consistently pursuing. We are helping to shape the process of transformation in the field of mobility and are evolving from a supplier of components used in vehicles with combustion engines into a global provider of e-mobility solutions. In this context, we can draw specifically on our core competencies, such as those relating to forming processes and toolmaking, for the purpose of developing, producing, and marketing components destined for the new generation of drive systems."

The Metal Forming & Assembly Technology business unit will develop and produce stamped and formed metal components and modules as well as assemblies of structural relevance. This will be complemented by established product groups for shielding applications, such as ElroShieldTM or ElroCousticTM. The product portfolio will continue to be consistently targeted at new types of drive systems and will include covers and housings for batteries and drive trains – from stamped parts to assemblies such as battery boxes, battery covers, module covers, module housings, adapter venting, and inverter covers. In addition, the portfolio includes shielding parts such as high-voltage connector caps, brake cover plates, and acoustic and thermal shielding parts.

ElringKlinger has many years of experience in the field of "Metal Forming & Assembly Technology" and has established itself as a full-range supplier at a global level. Drawing on its simulation, tooling, and process expertise developed over decades, the Group is in a position to offer tailor-made solutions for vehicles of all drive types – be it for the classic combustion engine or for hybrid or all-electric vehicles.



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