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In its efforts to explore new avenues, ElringKlinger has increasingly been targeting particularly promising sales markets beyond the automotive industry. Since July 2015, ElringKlinger subsidiary new enerday has been supplying the world's leading manufacturer of wind turbines with an innovative fuel cell system that is capable of covering the on-site energy requirements of new wind farms during installation. In addition to guaranteeing an independent, 24/7 sup­ply of power, the system reduces CO2 emissions by more than 90 percent compared to conventional electricity generators.

Since closing the deal, new enerday has already delivered its systems to sites in Germany, Poland, and Scotland, thereby ensuring non-stop power supply to construction sites while the new wind turbines are being installed over a period of several months. For this purpose, new enerday operates a fleet of around a dozen mobile fuel cell systems that can be hired by customers as and when needed. In response to strong demand, the company has decided to expand its fleet in the near future – ten additional systems are currently being produced by new enerday.

Dr. Matthias Boltze, General Manager of new enerday GmbH, is delighted by the success of market roll-out and sees potential for follow-up orders: "The wind energy market is far from saturated. On the contrary, it will continue to grow. I am very confident that the tremendous benefits of our technology will be appreciated not only in this sector but also in other off-grid applications – and that we can convince even more customers of its merits." Other promising fields of application include systems designed to provide on-board electrical power for boats and yachts, household power supply, and the telecommunications market. New enerday is looking to increase revenue more than tenfold in the next five years, propelling sales to a single-­­­digit figure at the upper end of the million euro range.

Dr. Matthias Boltze, General Manager
of new enerday GmbH
The mobile fuel cell system supplied by new enerday is put to use by the customer.

The power generators use high-temperature solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) that are capable of generating electrical energy from fossil fuels. The company deploys 1,000 W fuel cells operated with conventional LPG cylinders for the full range of AC consumers. The fuel cells emit only a minimal amount of pollutants and produce hardly any noise during operation. What is more, they offer an independent supply of power ­over a period of up to three months without the need for refilling. The turnkey solution encompasses a high-performance solar module and a fuel cell to create an innovative hybrid system. The electrical efficiency ­of the fuel cell systems is almost twice as high as that achieved by generators powered by a gasoline or ­diesel engine.

Operating costs can be reduced by up to 50% by switching to the new enerday fuel cell system.
3 Month
The systems guarantee an independent supply of power over a period of up to three months without the need for refilling. What is more, they are supplied as maintenance-free units with remote monitoring functionality.
1,000 Watt
The fuel cell systems powered by LPG supplied in conventional cylinders have an output of 1,000 W. New enerday has combined this with a high-performance solar module to create an innovative hybrid system for independent power supply.
Compared to conventional diesel-powered generators, CO2 emissions can be scaled back by more than 90% when using a new enerday fuel cell system.

In the past, the customer now being served by new enerday used conventional diesel-fueled generators to safeguard power supply during the installation of wind turbines. By switching to the fuel cell system developed by new enerday, the company will be able to reduce its operating costs by up to 50%. At the same time, CO2 emissions will be scaled back by more than 90%. Another advantage: The unit is supplied as a maintenance-free system that can be monitored remotely.

Established in 2010 and based in Neubrandenburg, new enerday is likely to reach its upper capacity limit in the near future, particularly as it will have to accommodate the existing contract as well as other projects currently under negotiation. This will require further capital expenditure to ensure that new enerday can meet future market requirements in the long term. "Together with the Management Board of ElringKlinger, we have decided to extend our current plant. Our plan is to lease a building on a neighboring plot and relocate our production lines to that facility," says Dr. Boltze. The move is scheduled for May 2016.