ElringKlinger AG

Pure dedication

Success is built on personal commitment. This includes constantly working on improving your own capabilities, focusing precisely on the customer’s requirements and being prepared to strike out in new directions. It is these attributes that unite all the employees at the ElringKlinger Group’s various sites worldwide. We meet people whose dedication is born out of a sense of conviction for a cause. With technical expertise, flexibility and a love of innovation, they are all working toward a common goal – reducing emissions and fuel consumption.


Manufacturing lightweight body components using a hybrid hydroforming technique: Yingqiang Teng’s job is to maintain manufacturing processes at the highest level of quality and to increase productivity. For this reason, he also works constantly on developing his own skills, although having a cordial relationship with the colleagues in his team is just as important to him. After all, teamwork is a prerequisite to success.

Beate Zika-Beyerlein, ElringKlinger Abschirmtechnik, Sevelen, SWITZERLAND

The Head of Research & Development in the Shielding Technology division tracks market trends and never takes her eye off what customers are developing. She is constantly working on new challenges and applications, in areas such as energy conversion or the further optimization of thermal/acoustic insulation systems. She most enjoys exchanging expertise with other members of her team and working together to devise solutions for her customers – this is what leads to market success.

Mathias Lindt, Hug Engineering, Elsau, SWITZERLAND

What the Development Engineer at Hug Engineering finds particularly fascinating is the variety he encounters in his work, which is all about purifying exhaust gases in large engines. As a project manager, he is responsible for the design of installation engineering, as well as running simulations and helping with system development. He often visits customers at their premises and supports the sales teams with answers to complex technical questions.

Katja Widmann, Elringklinger Kunststofftechnik, Heidenheim, GERMANY

At ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics, this engineer’s work revolves around Hetragon cells, which are used for heat transfer in flue gas desulfurization at coal-fired power plants such as the one in Mannheim. Her ambition is to be able to purify flue gases even more effectively by means of targeted temperature control and thus reduce harmful emissions. To this end, she continually develops and tests new product designs as well as initiating their manufacture.


As test lab manager for the engine test benches in Bietigheim- Bissingen, he is responsible for adapting to the many varied and constantly changing technical challenges posed by the automotive industry. Top priority for him is reducing CO2 and nitrogen oxides. In this, he regards close collaboration with customers on development work as particularly important as it is the only way he can gain a comprehensive understanding of their projects.