ElringKlinger AG

… ElringKlinger has 8,131 followers on Facebook and 9,721 YouTube subscribers? Follow us on our social media channels.

… as of December 31, 2018, ElringKlinger AG employed 143 vocational trainees and students combining academic and practical studies?

… the full range of gaskets in the Aftermarket division comprises more than 11,000 Elring products? The gaskets, gasket sets, and service parts in original equipment quality are available in over 130 countries.


… ElringKlinger will celebrate its 140th anniversary this year? In 1879, Paul Lechler set up a trading company for technical products and gaskets in Stuttgart, laying the foundations for ElringKlinger to become the global player that it is today.

60-85 °C

… the preferred temperature of the polymer electrolyte fuel cell in continuous operation is between 60 and 85 °C? With its own fuel cell products, ElringKlinger offers innovative solutions to the challenges posed by stricter emission standards for conventional combustion engines and the limited ranges of battery-powered electric motors.


… our employees came up with 109 new inventions in 2018? And that 80 of these ideas were the subject of patent applications?

… the heaviest injection molding tool at the Fremont site (Silicon Valley/USA) weighs 40 tons? It is used to manufacture cockpit cross-car beams for a new generation of vehicles.


… ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik GmbH manu­factures miniature parts for medical devices with a diameter of less than 1 mm and tolerances of +/- 5 hundredths? Our many years of experience in processing and applications in most branches of industry, combined with a broad range of state-of-the-art machinery, make it possible to manufacture these kinds of miniature parts – along with gaskets measuring 3,000 mm in diameter, in both single-part and mass production.

… the name of our Aftermarket mascot, “Gnirle,” is Elring spelled backwards?


… in 2018, ElringKlinger successfully organized 116 trade shows relating to its Original Equipment and Aftermarket business, plus conferences and recruitment events?