ElringKlinger AG

Group structure

Group structure of ElringKlinger AG

As at December 18, 2018, in addition to the parent company, the ElringKlinger Group included 39 fully consolidated subsidiaries (including a Joint venture with a total of four companies). For a complete overview, refer to the Summary of Shareholdings. 

Name of company Domicile Capital share in %
ElringKlinger AG Dettingen/Erms  
Gedächtnisstiftung KARL MÜLLER BELEGSCHAFTSHILFE GmbH Dettingen/Erms Dettingen/Erms 100.00
Elring Klinger Motortechnik GmbH Idstein 92.86
ElringKlinger Logistic Service GmbH Rottenburg/Neckar 96.00
KOCHWERK Catering GmbH Dettingen/Erms 100.00
hofer AG Nürtingen 28.89
hofer powertrain products GmbH Nürtingen 53.00
hofer powertrain products UK Ltd. Warwick (UK) 53.00
ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik GmbH Bietigheim-Bissingen 77.50
Polytetra GmbH Mönchengladbach 100.00
ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics (Qingdao) Commercial Co., Ltd. Qingdao (China) 100.00
ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics North America, Inc. Buford (USA) 100.00
Elring Klinger, S.A.U. Reus (Spain) 100.00
Elring Klinger (Great Britain) Ltd. Redcar (UK) 100.00
Elring Parts Ltd. Gateshead (UK) 100.00
Technik-Park Heliport Kft. Kecskemét-Kádafalva (Hungary) 100.00
ElringKlinger Hungary Kft. Kecskemét-Kádafalva (Hungary) 100.00
ElringKlinger Italia Srl Settimo Torinese (Italy) 100.00
ElringKlinger Abschirmtechnik (Schweiz) AG Sevelen (Switzerland) 100.00
ElringKlinger Fuelcell Systems Austria GmbH Wels (Austria) 100.00
ElringKlinger TR Otomotiv Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Bursa (Turkey) 100.00
ElringKlinger Meillor SAS Nantiat (France) 100.00
HURO Supermold S.R.L. Timisoara (Romania) 100.00
ElringKlinger Canada, Inc. Leamington (Canada) 100.00
Elring Klinger do Brasil Ltda. Piracicaba (Brazil) 100.00
Elring Klinger México, S.A. de C.V. Toluca (Mexico) 100.00
EKASER, S.A. de C.V. Toluca (Mexico) 100.00
ElringKlinger USA, Inc. Buford (USA) 100.00
ElringKlinger Automotive Manufacturing, Inc. Warren (USA) 100.00
ElringKlinger Silicon Valley, Inc. Fremont (USA) 100.00
ElringKlinger Manufacturing Indiana, Inc. Fort Wayne (USA) 100.00
ElringKlinger South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Johannesburg (South Africa) 100.00
ElringKlinger Automotive Components (India) Pvt. Ltd. Ranjangaon (India) 100.00
ElringKlinger Korea Co., Ltd. Gumi (South Korea) 100.00
Changchun ElringKlinger Ltd. Changchun (China) 88.00
ElringKlinger China, Ltd. Suzhou (China) 100.00
ElringKlinger Chongqing Ltd. Chongqing (China) 100.00
ElringKlinger Marusan Corporation Tokyo (Japan) 50.00
Marusan Kogyo Co., Ltd. Tokyo (Japan) 46.9*
PT. ElringKlinger Indonesia Karawang (Indonesia) 100.00
ElringKlinger (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Bangkok (Thailand) 100.00

* 52,9% Voting rights



The Group’s operating business is divided into five segments, as outlined below:

Original Equipment
The Original Equipment segment develops, manufactures, and sells products and assemblies destined for the automotive industry. These include cylinder-head and specialty gaskets, lightweight components, and thermal and acoustic parts for the engine, transmission, and exhaust tract. Tailored to future mobility needs, ElringKlinger’s portfolio includes market-ready battery and fuel cell systems. The company’s product range now also features electric drive systems thanks to the majority interest held in hofer powertrain products GmbH.

In the Aftermarket segment, ElringKlinger offers an extensive range of gaskets, gasket sets, and service parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. They are marketed under the “Elring – Das Original” brand. These parts are used primarily in the professional repair of engines, gearboxes, exhaust systems, and auxiliary units. Business within the Aftermarket segment is transacted through a global network of wholesalers and major group purchasing organizations. Alongside Western and Eastern Europe, the key markets for this area of the business in terms of revenue include the Middle East and North Africa.

Engineered Plastics
The Engineered Plastics segment develops, manufactures, and markets customized products made of various highperformance plastics. Close to 60% of total revenue generated in 2017 was attributable primarily to sales within the mechanical engineering sector and the medical, chemical, and energy industries. The vehicle industry accounts for around 40% of revenue in this segment. Efforts to internationalize business in this segment, which until recently has been focused on Europe, are being stepped up by establishing and steadily expanding relevant structures in the United States and China.

The Services segment provides extensive development and assessment services for engines, transmissions, and the exhaust tract using state-of-the-art testing and measurement facilities. The segment’s customer base includes both vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers. In addition, this segment includes the areas of logistics services and catering.

Industrial Parks
The Industrial Parks segment encompasses the Group’s industrial parks in Idstein, Germany, and in Kecskemét, Hungary. The purpose of the business is to lease and administer land and buildings.


Segment Proportion of revenue Main customer groups
Original Equipment 83.1% Car, truck and engine manufacturers, automotive suppliers
Aftermarket 9.4% Independent aftermarket business
Engineered Plastics 6.7% Vehicle industry, mechanical engineering, medical technology
Services 0.6% Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers
Industrial Parks 0.3% Unspecified industries


(prior year) in EUR million

Segment Proportion of revenue
Original Equipment 1,382.4 (1,294.3)
Aftermarket 156.7 (147.3)
Engineered Plastics 111.1 (101.7)
Services 9.5 (9.7)
Industrial Parks 4.3 (4.5)



The segments are divided into a total of eleven divisions. Seven of these belong to the Original Equipment segment, which at roughly 80% contributes the largest share of total Group revenue. Each of the four remaining segments (Aftermarket, Engineered Plastics, Services and Industrial Parks) also constitutes a separate division.

Cylinder-head gaskets
Customized metallic Cylinder-head Gaskets represent one of the traditional fields of business for ElringKlinger. Over the course of many years, the Group has perfected the metal stamping, embossing, and forming processes that are essential to this line of business; it can also draw on extensive knowledge in the field of coating technology. Operating within an oligopolistic market, the Group has thus held the position of market leader for many years now. Among its global competitors are, in particular, two major corporations based in the United States.

Specialty gaskets
The Specialty Gaskets division focuses mainly on metal flat gaskets for various high-temperature applications relating to engines, turbochargers, transmissions, and exhaust systems. ElringKlinger ranks as one of the three leading suppliers worldwide. Competition within this field is extensive due to the extremely high level of product diversity.

Shielding technology
The Shielding Technology division encompasses thermal, acoustic, and aerodynamic shielding systems. They handle a wide range of tasks relating to temperature and acoustic management in modern motor vehicles, in addition to assisting with aerodynamics along the vehicle underbody. The product design and associated material composition are dependent on the specific requirements of the field of application within the vehicle. ElringKlinger develops and produces customized components for this purpose. In doing so, the company is able to ensure the best possible management of energy flows, e.g., heat and air flow. ElringKlinger is one of the few suppliers in the world to offer complete shielding packages for both the engine as well as the underbody and the exhaust tract. In this division, too, the Group ranks as one of the top three suppliers at an international level.

Lightweighting/Elastomer Technology
The Lightweighting/Elastomer Technology division develops and manufactures lightweight components made of polyamide plastics and fiber-reinforced organo sheets for powertrain and vehicle body applications. The vehicle industry can achieve signifi cant weight savings by replacing metal with lightweight components. In contrast to the other divisions, the market within the area of high-performance plastics is much more fragmented.

The core product range within ElringKlinger’s E-Mobility division, which was established as early as 2010, includes high-current-capable cell contact systems for lithium-ion batteries. These components, manufactured in a series production environment, are used in pure electric vehicles and hybrids. Having signed a framework cooperation agreement for the establishment of a joint venture with Sichuan Chengfei Integration Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu, China, ElringKlinger now boasts a powerful business partner with know-how relating to the electrochemical constituents of the cell. The aim of this joint venture is to drive forward business activities in the fi eld of battery technology. Since 2017, the division has also included the first revenue flows from hofer powertrain products GmbH, Nürtingen, Germany.

Exhaust Gas Purification
The Exhaust Gas Purifi cation division develops and produces exhaust gas purification systems for the catalytic aftertreatment of mobile and stationary combustion engines as well as for various off-road applications, including the commercial vehicle, shipping, and rail sector. At the end of 2017, ElringKlinger signed an agreement covering the sale of the Hug Group, Elsau, Switzerland. The transaction was closed effective from March1, 2018. The strategic decision to dispose of the largest company operating within this division is to be seen against the backdrop of increasing globalization in this line of business, which would have necessitated substantial investment. Instead, ElringKlinger will mainly be channeling its resources into the particularly promising areas of lightweighting and e-mobility.

The division referred to as Others brings together the Group’s activities relating to New Business Areas; it currently encompasses all projects associated with fuel cell technology. This area also includes Tooling, which constitutes an important core competence of ElringKlinger. The high-precision quality of tools is an essential prerequisite for the Group’s efficient series production of items that are particularly advanced in technological terms.

(previous year) in %

Division Sales revenue
Shielding Technology 26 (26)
Plastic Housing Modules/
Elastomer Technology
23 (22)
Speciality Gaskets 18 (18)
Cylinder-Head Gaskets 12 (13)
Aftermarket 9 (9)
Engineered Plastics 7 (7)
Exhaust Gas Purification 3 (3)
E-Mobility 1 (1)
Services 1 (1)
Industrial Parks <1 (<1)
Other <1 (<1)

1 Tooling Technology and New Business Areas



(prior year) in %

Region Group sales
Rest of Europe 31.3 (31.4)
Germany 25.6 (26.5)
Asia-Pacific 19.1 (19.2)
NAFTA 19.4 (18.7)
South America and Rest of World 4.6 (4.2)