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Reporting Channels

"Share with us" – ElringKlinger's digital whistleblowing system

Infringements with regard to laws and directives can have significant and far-reaching consequences for the entire company. A fair and reliable whistleblower system is considered essential when it comes to ensuring effective compliance.

We provide our employees with various reporting channels for the purpose of passing on information about possible compliance violations. Possible compliance-related violations can be reported via the managers or directly to the compliance organization, i.e., the compliance officers of the individual regions or countries or the Chief Compliance Officer. In this context, confidentiality of the whistleblower can be guaranteed, if desired.

Additionally, the digital "share with us" whistleblower system can be used to report potential misconduct via a predefined form – directly to the unit responsible for investigating such matters. The notifications can be submitted completely anonymously. It is not possible to trace such information back to the whistleblower, which includes details of their identity.

The whistleblower system can be accessed via the following link:


"Our 'share with us' whistleblower system facilitates the process of reporting, investigating, and clarifying misconduct, violations of statutory provisions, and policy infringements; this helps to counteract adverse effects on our company, our employees, our business partners, and the general public."


Dr. Christof Dietborn
Chief Compliance Officer
ElringKlinger AG

Whistleblowing system "share with us"

Examples of notifiable violations:

  • Unlawful conduct
  • Corruption and money laundering offences
  • Agreements contrary to antitrust law
  • Violations of data protection regulations
  • Offences relating to theft, embezzlement, and enrichment
  • Insider trading
  • Violations relating to occupational safety, health, and environmental protection
  • Discrimination
  • Irregularities relating to conflicts of interest