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We believe that long-term success is founded on the trust of customers and shareholders in our expertise, our abilities as an innovator and, not least, our integrity. Earning that trust – which is reflected in the reputation of our company – largely depends on having a workforce that is fully committed to our values and objectives and to discharging their various responsibilities accordingly. Compliance, which encompasses general guiding principles, plays an important role in this context.




ElringKlinger's corporate guidelines are to be seen as a benchmark for our actions. test

Fields of action

Compliance consists of many facets. This section provides our fields of action.

Compliance management

Take a closer look at ElringKlinger's compliance management system.

Reporting channels

Our whistleblowing system and other reporting channels for effective compliance.


Targeted training to promote integrity and responsibility in all our actions.

Points of contact

Get in touch with our compliance team.